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Information Technology Systems

How important is the information technology system your TPA uses? If you’ve ever worked with a TPA using an inadequate system, you already know the answer to that question. The information technology system should have superior processing speed for efficient claim handling and reporting. It should be secure, have sufficient storage capability, and the software should handle the data elements you require to manage and analyze the program.

Over the years, our technical staff and system programmers have worked together to design a proprietary software system which is approved by most primary and excess carriers. Powered by a RISC IBM AS400 mid-frame platform, our system is highly effective in terms of storage retrieval, processing speed and its ability to handle high volume simultaneous users. We maintain a 99.9% availability and the security of the IBM AS400 system is unchallenged in the industry.

Remote client users can access their account data on our information technology system through the Internet, frame relay or private networks. Reporting capabilities have expanded dramatically over the years. In addition to ad hoc reporting, downloads of claim and financial data are available for those customers who prefer to use commercial software, such as Excel and Access, to analyze and manipulate their own information.

A partnership with Lansa Corp. has enabled Qual-Lynx to develop and implement a data warehouse with GUI front end reporting tools for our customers' use. We continue to make important enhancements to our information technology system in order to satisfy the sophisticated requirements of our clients.

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