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Information Technology Systems

Claims Enterprise (CE) provides a variety of standard and commonly used reports that meet the criteria and expectation of our clients through the Reporter module. The Reporter allows Qual-Lynx to create, design and deliver custom reports having full access to the Claims Enterprise database. Reports and data extracts can be scheduled and delivered promptly via email to recipients using the Distribution module. The Distribution module is also used to schedule and deliver internal management reports to our teams, which stabilizes productivity and accuracy. We are always striving toward client risk management success, and these Claims Enterprise modules make this a much less arduous task.

Qual-Lynx clients can access Claims Enterprise via a public URL using a custom created user account administered by Qual-Lynx. Security is configured to restrict access to claims based on the client’s requirements. Users will have read only access to view claims, notes, payments, reserves and documents. Remote access is highly beneficial to visualize historical and real time data for clients and auditors.

Digital - Incident and Claim Reporting

Qual-Lynx has four Digital online claim reporting forms available to report claims.

  • Auto Liability (AL)

  • General Liability (GL)

  • Property (PR)

  • Workers’ Compensation (WC)

Each claim reporting form is designed based on a specific line of coverage. Users that have a Digital account will be given access to the claim reporting forms for the line of coverage that is needed for the insured. All claim reporting forms are a survey style questionnaire designed to capture pertinent information related to the incident and specific line of coverage being reported.

Once a claim reporting form has been completed and submitted, a claim will be generated and assigned a claim number immediately through the Qual-Lynx Claims Enterprise database. A confirmation email will be sent to the preparer of the form and two additional emails can be added by the user, based on the reporting entities’ choice. The email notification will include a PDF document that includes all information submitted via Digital, the Claims Enterprise claim number, claimant name and incident date.

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